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Autism Checklist

If you suspect your child has an ASD, ask yourself these questions:

Does my child make good eye contact?

  1. Does my child point at or draw my attention to things he/she is interested in?
  2. Does my child speak as well as other children his/her age?
  3. Does my child smile when others smile at him/her?
  4. Is my child able to follow directions?
  5. Does my child play with toys in a normal manner?
  6. Would my child rather play alone than with others?
  7. Does my child bring things he/she is interested into me to show them to me?
  8. Is my child able to appropriately tell me what he/she wants?
  9. Does my child have extremely powerful or unusually long tantrums?
  10. Does my child act as though he/she is in his/her own world and tune others out?
  11. Is my child oddly attached to certain items, particularly hard things rather than soft ones?
  12. Does my child over the age of two play imaginatively

If you have answered “no” to one or more of the questions 1-9 or yes to one or more of the questions 10-13, discuss your concerns with your child’s pediatrician.

If you or your doctor think there could be a problem, ask for a referral to see a developmental pediatrician or other specialist, or you can contact your local early intervention agency (for children under 3) or public school (for children 3 years old and older). More information on who to speak to can be found at the National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities.