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Asperger Syndrome vs Autism

Autism basically is a developmental condition that obstructs a child from proper communication. This deprives the person from social interactions and normal behavior. Asperger syndrome, on the other hand, is said to be a high-functioning autism since it clearly shows many characteristics that have placed it above the level of autism. Lets make that clearer.

Like autism, Asperger syndrome is grouped into a neurological disorder termed Pervasive Developmental Delay. Other disorders covered in this condition have one common numerator- poor social interaction.

Children with Asperger syndrome develop normally though and may often be mistaken as normal. However, as they age they gradually acquire various incapacities that separate them from normal children.

They become unable to detect social clues like body language, facial expressions, and other non-verbal forms of communication. They interpret verbal communications literally though and they lack empathy and interest in the interests of people they are talking with. However, they excel in language skills from their own perspective and may even have a wide spectrum of vocabularies that would lead others to conclude that they are bright. Some even have the ability to memorize extremely difficult items like scientific names of animals and capital cities of countries.

Well, their IQ level is good. Most are scoring above average and average in IQ tests.

Children with Asperger syndrome often display obsession to some details while disregarding other details. This is why they are often observed collecting various materials that are meaningful to them. They are obsessed with seeking information on particular things and may even go on endlessly until their interest is filled. Thus, this behavior also manifests in their inability or unwillingness to change routines and focus of attention.

Though they may initially be perceived as advance with their peers due to special skills that they may present, most of them experience delay of acquiring self-help skills including proper dressing and toileting.

Because of the difficulty in identifying what exactly causes the behavior of a person to become odd, many patients of Asperger syndrome are diagnosed improperly. Say, there are cases when they are thought to have Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder since a number of them have the combination of the syndrome and this behavioral disorder.

Like many neurological and developmental disorders, there is still no cure to Asperger syndrome since the roots from which it stemmed are still unclear. Most people with this condition grow up to be eccentric, odd or weird in other people’s perception. However, help is of course always at hand. There are already developed techniques that can help tremendously with reducing the aggravation of this disorder. Such techniques include behavior modification, social skills training, psychosocial intervention, and parental training. The latter is helpful in helping parent help their children with Asperger syndrome.

If you are suspecting your child for displaying features associated with Asperger syndrome, it is best that you take him immediately to an expert to be diagnosed properly and to be given proper treatment. Never ignore symptoms or you might be too late to help save your child from potential troubles in the future.