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What causes autism spectrum disorders

Young boy with autism sitting on a chair in a classroom on a therapy

Many causes of autism have been proposed, but its theory of causation is still incomplete.

So far, the following facts are known about the causes of autism. It is a consequence of a disorder,a malfunction of the mind. There is however no specific cause of autism positively identified yet.

The only widely accepted ideas concerning the cause of autism are that it is considered to be present at birth (though it appears later on in life), is caused by abnormalities in the brain, and maybe genetic. However, what causes the brain abnormalities and which genes are affected by the disorder are still up for debate. One other certainty concerning the cause of ASDs is that it is nota psychological disorder caused by poor parenting, unconsciously rejecting a child, or failing to bond emotionally. These theories have caused enormous guilt in parents and lack any scientific validity.

  • Listed are some possible causes of ASD.
  • Biological Basis/Brain Structure/Neurotransmitter.
  • Hereditary/Genetic.
  • Pregnancy/Birth Injury.
  • Mercury/Toxins/Vaccinations

Medically speaking, autism is seen as a symptom, a phenomenon, or a combination of phenomena with different causes. These cases cover a wide spectrum from genetic (chromosome-related)disorders caused by Mendel’s law of Independent Assortment (PKU) to infections and harmful substances like alcohol and Thalidomide.